Insurance– Dr. Keys was a charter member of one of the major insurance companies in the metropolitan Washington D.C. area. The concept of a physician controlled insurance company that would control costs to patients and assure quality care seemed very promising. Neither promise came true. The president of the insurance company became one of the highest paid executives in Montgomery County. Quality of medical care was not monitored. Finally, when we had an infant patient with a tumor above the eye and the insurance company refused to cover surgical excision because it probably was not cancer, Dr. Keys could no longer participate. Many insurance company medical decisions are unfortunately made by office clerks, and stories similar to the above are too common.

Our office is dedicated to patient care and will not deal with a third party that steps between doctor and patient and makes medical decisions.

We do not participate with any insurance companies. However, we try to simplify the preparation of insurance claims, thereby reducing costs associated with this process. The Physician’s Statement and Insurance Report or “Superbill” that we give to you at the end of each visit contains all the information needed for you to file a claim. Please remember that the insurance contract you may have is between you and the insurance company. Every policy is different, so it is advisable that all questions regarding the extent of your coverage should be directed to your company’s representative.

The family member that brings the pediatric patient to our office, or the adult individual patient, is responsible for the total bill. This holds true even in cases of divorce or separation.

–In an attempt to control office costs we expect payment at the time of service. We do not accept credit cards.
The cost for an exam will depend on complexity and time. Our staff can give you an estimate when you call for an appointment. If you have financial problems we can make special arrangements. No child has ever been turned away from our office because of inability to pay!