Joan Voith as office manager, leads our staff of dedicated assistants. She has an exceptional ability to calm anxious patients and parents. Her quick wit and sense of humor help keep our days organized and lighthearted. She covers both the front desk and the exam rooms and sometimes does both simultaneously.

Jan Cordray– If you ever hear a voice singing over the phone: that’s Jan. A most compassionate and religious person, Jan makes families with emergencies feel better before they even get to the office. She does so well on the phone that we keep her chained to the back desk two days per week.

Mary Kimelblatt RN– In addition to her degree in nursing, Mary has a Master’s Degree in health administration. She has had extensive experience working in the intensive care nursery at Georgetown University Hospital. Families and staff appreciate her experienced and calming manner.

Amrita Mudhar– After receiving her Master’s in Dance in Bombay India, Amrita now shows artistry in motion as she dances from front desk to exam rooms. She has developed excellent technical skills in our office and patient families always enjoy working with her. When she is not in the office, Amrita performs and teaches classical Indian dancing..

Marcella DiMasi-Lasslett– You can tell she is an artist and photographer by the way she looks for detail. You can tell she enjoys being a mother by the way she relates with children. Putting parents and children at ease, Marcella lights up the room with her friendly smile.