As an ophthalmology practice, Dr. Keys specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of eye problems in children and young adults. No child is too young for an eye exam. We can examine eyes and evaluate vision in newborn babies. Special techniques are used to evaluate children and young adults with developmental disabilities when communication is a problem or non-existent.

Our realm of expertise includes but is not limited to the following services and conditions:

  • Pre-school exams and routine eye exams
  • Refraction and prescribing glasses
  • Diagnosis and treatment of various forms of pink-eye
  • Evaluation of children with multiple disabilities
  • Strabismus (Eye muscle disorders like crossed eyes)
  • Disorders of tearing and ocular inflammation
  • Learning and reading problems due to ocular disorders
  • Prescribing and fitting contact lenses
  • Children with congenital and genetic syndromes
  • Ocular problems associated with premature birth
  • Eye muscle disorders treated non-surgicall

If eye muscle or other types of ocular surgery are indicated, Dr. Keys
will make a referral and guide you to an appropriate surgical specialist.