Dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date eye care available.

Although Dr. Keys has been working with children for many years, each day presents the same excitement and challenge as the first day he began his practice. The uniqueness of each child makes his office a joyous experience.

He looks forward to the opportunity of meeting you in his office.

Our realm of expertise includes but is not limited to the following services and conditions:

  1. Pre-school exams and routine eye exams.
  2. Refraction and prescribing glasses.
  3. Diagnosis and treatment of various forms of pink-eye.
  4. Evaluation of children with multiple disabilities.
  5. Strabismus (Eye muscle disorders like crossed eyes)
  6. Disorders of tearing and ocular inflammation.
  • Learning and reading problems due to ocular disorders.
  • Prescribing and fitting contact lenses.
  • Children with congenital and genetic syndromes.
  • Ocular problems associated with premature birth.
  • Eye muscle disorders treated non-surgically.